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1. Sneaky Ending- select the file, then select the cell door, then click on the left side of your guy, then on the right side of your guy. Then select the chair, then select the arrow pointing to the right of the screen. Then finally, select the plungers.

2. Legal Ending- select the cell phone, then watch the cutscene, then select the disguise bag, then hit the present sign at the top.

3. Badass Ending- select the drill, and then select crowbar. After that, select the arrow pointing to the downer-left part of the screen. Then select the arrow pointing to the left side of the screen. And finally, click when it says "CLICK!" on the bottom of the screen.

4. LOL Brawl Reference- select the drill, then select the crowbar, then select the arrow pointing to the downer-left part of the screen, and then select the arrow pointing down.

5. Lots of Effort- find all 18 fails. 1. File>Window 2. File>Cell Door>Don't click 3. Click>Don't click 4. Click>Click>Belt of grenades 5. Chair>Left arrow 6. Chair>Right arrow>Rope 7. Parachute 8. Jet-pack 9. NRg Drink 10. Teleporter 11. Rocket Launcher 12. Cellphone> anything but the disguise bag (Shovel, Mysterious Devise, Doctor's Alliance, Security Footage, or Floor Plans from bank) 13. Drill>Opacitator 14. Crowbar>Wait 15. Upper-Right arrow 16. Downer-left arrow>wait 17. Downer-left arrow>Down arrow 18. Downer left arrow>right arrow> don't click

6. Donut Want!- click all the doughnuts. 1. File>Cell Door>Click>Click>Chair> Left> click three doughnuts on left. 2. NRg Drink>click doughnut in guy's hand before your guy grabs it. 3. Drill>Opacitator> click bagle on shelf>skip>click bagel again. Click box of doughnuts on right

7. Secret medal- file>cell door>click, click, chair>right>plungers> when you see the sun click on it

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Q: How do you get all medals on escaping the prison?
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