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go to wikipedia.

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Q: How do you get a copy of betty at the baseball game by Walter Ben Hare?
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What are the poptropica villain's names?

Black Widow, Binary Bard, Copy Cat, Crusher, Ratman, Speeding Spike, Director D, Vince, Medusa, Captain Crawfish, Gretchen Grimlock, El Mustachio Grande, Sir Rebral, Zeus, Betty Jetty and Dr. Hare

You have lost your tra number you are in Australia just migrated hare in may for qualification equalistion you need for tra no from where can you get this no?

Dear sir, I lost my Tra Hard copy can i get my tra copy

Where can you find a bettycrocker cookbook?

Anywhere that sells various kinds of books should have a copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook.

Could you show the pin up picture of Betty White from the World War 2 era of the 1940's?

Betty White was not a pinup girl in the 1940s. She was not a famous celebrity yet. But, I think you are thinking of Betty Grable who what the hottest pin up girl in the 1940s. I have provided one copy of a Betty Grable pin up for you on the related link below.

When you find the 3 key cards why won't it let you take the bunny suit on Dr. Hare's Secret Lab?

It is not a reward, it is a copyable costume. You can return with the card anytime to copy it.

I have about 2500 baseball and football cards how can i tell what they are worth?

get a copy of the 2008 Standard catalog of baseball cards.

Did the sport cricket copy baseball?

No, cricket came before baseball and the sports are actually quite different

Looking for a duet song that betty wright did i need to see you again?

Percy Larkins. You will be hard pushed to find a copy on CD though. Very rare. Good luck!

Value and Title of Painting of Sir Walter Raleigh at a lake with two young boys?

I know of a 'Fine copy'. History dictates - Walter originates from Exeter, Devon - i believe where the young Raleigh was borne. The 'PRINT' Has been in my family for decades, passed on to my mother from a respectable and missed relative "June" - Exeter - Devon. Frame - Good Condition. Painting/Copy - True Your thoughts please...

How can you be a supervillain on Poptropica?

You can't. Users are always the "good guys". However, you can copy the costumes of the supervillains on Super Power island (Betty Jetty is paroled to play on "Reality TV Island").

Can you write a cookbook using family recipes as well as recipes you have used and modified from other cookbooks?

No because that would be copy right and plagurisum get permission from Betty Crocker first or whoever.

Who were the inhabitants of the flying island?

Betty jetty is the hardest and last one wait there is more there is crusher the strong one and Rat man the stinkiest sir Reberal mind controlling is his power copy cat she just copy's every one AND speeding spike the fastest have fun. BYE FOR NOW NOT FOREVER