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Well, first see if the school has a Cheerleading team. If so, then check if they accept athletic scholarships. If they do, then to get a scholarship, you have to be really good and experienced. Also be sure of the following:

  • be sure that your motions are tight
  • be sure that when you do your jumps, legs are straight and toes are pointed. Make sure your arms are tight. no arms flying all over the place, and keep your head and torso up.
  • project your voice: don't scream, and don't whisper. you should be getting the air from your stomach and using your voice from there.
  • tumblers: be sure that your legs are straight and your toes are pointed. get a clean, not sloppy, running start and be sure not to loose your balance on the landing.
  • bases: demonstrate strength and stability when lifting. be able to do advanced stunts
  • backspots: same as bases. be sure to show that you are able to catch in the event of falling and show stability
  • fliers: demonstrate stability and flexibility. be able to do advanced stunts and have good balance when in the air.
  • smile and have facials!!!!!:) nobody likes a dead cheerleader, and this is the most important of all the categories. be enthusiastic, like you want to be there! make a good impression!

i don't really know the real answer,but i think so.

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I have been doing a lot of research about this lately, and I have not found much along the lines of organizations that will give guard scholarships. However, many universities that have a guard do offer scholarship opportunities to members. Your best bet would be to look into guard scholarships offered by the university you wish to attend. Good luck!

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you be good

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Q: How do you get a college scholarship for color guard at high school?
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Does middle school have color guards?

It depends on what color guard ur talking about. But most middle schools do have color guard.

Is color guard an elective?

Color guard is typically considered an extracurricular activity rather than an elective class. Students who participate in color guard often do so as part of a marching band or other performance group.

Who commands the color guard?

Depending on the school it can be student run, taught by a sponsor, or a director.

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Are there any high school students going to the JMU summer band camp in a week?

i was there this year! i was in the color guard.

My parents won't let me be a color guard for marching band because I play an instrument?

You can play an instrument and be in color guard the color guard is part of the band and in my school color guard isn't all year and for pep band all you have to do is get the music from your teacher and pratice it at home Color Guard is a very important aspect of a marching band. I am a color guard instructor and I see this a lot with my students... If you are interested in joining the color guard you need to find out all the requirements from the directors. My students do not play instruments during marching season, we perform as a dance squad on the sidelines of games. Many schools will have the color guard in the stands with their horns during the games so you may still be able to play. If you are going to join make sure you practice your horn during your off season.. You don't want your lips to be out of shape when concert season roles around.

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THE ANSWER IS........... 115 people including color guard(no drill team)

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