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Classifying is just common sense...if theres a football, its football, etc. But one of my favorite sports that is a minority sport is Rugby. Matter of fact, football came from rugby. Rugby doesn't use pads and there is no forward passes, only backwards. You also can't drop the ball forward or it's a penalty. There is still offsides. It is also very continuous...for example: if a player gets tackled, he tries to place the ball on his side of the ruck and his teammates and his opposing teammates fight for it by "crunching" together. Time is also continuous, like soccer. What we call touchdowns in football are called tries in rugby and you literally have to touch the ball down and the closer you are to the center of the goalpost, the easier it is for your kicker to make the extra point. Scoring: Tries - 5pts. Extra points - 2pts. Field goals - 3pts.

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Q: How do you classify sports and what are minotiy sports list them please?
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