How do you backflip on a bike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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First, go to a doctor and have them remove all the common sense from your body. Then, find a big ramp.
Then, get lots of speeeeed.
Then, at the top of the ramp, do a bunnyhop and lean back
TIP: It helps if you close your eyes while flipping and stick your tongue out

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Q: How do you backflip on a bike?
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Who will teach you to backflip your dirt bike?

pooop in a toilet

Who invented the first backflip?

In 2000, Carey Hart attempted the first ever backflip on a full size motocross bike

Did Chuck Norris steal your bike?

maybe.......he did a backflip then he took it..

When was the first backflip landed on a dirt bike?

it was on July tenth 2010

Do dogs backflip when they are on a motorcycle?

First of all dogs cant back flip on a motor cycle. Some can do a backflip but dogs on a motor bike its hard to picture it.

Is it possible to triple backflip a dirt bike?

if you have big balls and can flip fast ya

How do you do a backflip san Andreas in PC?

how to do backflip in gta san andreas can you please show me the cntrols

Who is the best dirt bike rider ever?

travis pastrana of course! he was the first person to do a double backflip!

When did you dubios die?

Jared dunios died when he was 14 from his 70 cc dirt bike landing on him after a failed backflip attempted

When was the first double back flip landed on a dirt bike?

The first double backflip ever landed was made by travis pastrana in 2007

Who has done a doable backflip on a dirt bike?

Travis Pastrana did the first double backflip to dirt in competition. and now the crusty deamons rider, Cam sinclair can also do them. Others may have now done them, most others would be doing them into foam pits.

Can a chicken do a backflip?

Yes chikens can do a backflip