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well, do not chew gum. do not eat powdery foods. do not eat candy before youre game time.!

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By the money I've lost in boxes

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Q: How do you avoid choking in sports?
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How does choking in sports relate to psychology?

the lack of oxygen while choking can cause brain damage and make life difficult for phycologysts trying to help the paitient

How can you avoid choking while eating?

eat slow and if you do chok drink some water

How can you stop someone from choking during the treatment of asthma?

Avoid contact with the soft pallet when administering aerosols. If choking persists, consider a non-aerosol method of treating asthma for this subject.

What effect does choking have on your lungs?

Choking affects the lungs by choking

Is choking abuse?

Someone choking you, YES.

What diseases will you avoid if you play sports?

Heart Attack (not cardiac arrset)

How do toucans avoid being eaten?

They can Fly as fast as a sports car

How can I make my curtains and drapes safer for very young children?

Always make sure any cords or chains are out of a childs reach to avoid a choking hazard.

How do you avoid cheating in sports?

If you love sports and you will do about anything, the best way for you to do is stay away from those gambling places. Do not bet on sports so that way you wouldn't get in trouble..

What if your baby is choking by the stomach cord?

Call 911! It doesn't matter what the baby is choking on, just that it's choking.

What is the precaution for choking for adults?

The precaution for choking for adults is the same as it is for children. To prevent choking thoroughly chew food.

How could a knight avoid having to fight?

sign with a bad sports agent