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1. Sport involves individual skills. In game, it is the collective responsibility of a team

2. Sport is based on physical energy and game based on mental strength.

3. Game relies on strategy, sport is based on individual performances and luck.

4. Sport is an activity or activities where the material capabilities of the sportsperson are looked upon. It is the entire performance of the players that determines the winner in a game.

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One difference between sports and life is that in sports it is easy to see who is winning and who is losing by looking at the score. In life, the ideas of winning and losing are much more complex and less important.

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Sports activities will consist of any form of exercise IE hockey. The lifestyle activities will include working, socializing, smoking and drinking and so on. Hope this helped.

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life is : live the life u live love the life u ur life ur way

sport is:again its life fr those who die to play

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Q: How do lifestyle activities differ from sports activities?
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