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Using fire of course.

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Q: How did the pilgrims cook their food?
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How do Indians and pilgrims get along?

The indians hunt the food and the pilgrims cook and feed the food to the pilgrims and the indians.

What tools did the pilgrims use to cook food in the colonial times?

Pots & pans for cooking

Why weren't pilgrims allowed to cook?

they weren't aloud to cook on the Mayflower

Why many people cook on Thanksgiving?

we cook to give thanks like the Indian switch there food and thank god for everything.WRONG, the Pilgrims Thanked god (You herd of them) for the long journey from UK to America's.

Is it true that Pilgrims were not allowed to cook on the ship?

Yes but I don't now why.

What food was poison to native pilgrims?

What vegetable did the pilgrims think was poisonous?

What did the pilgrims not have for thanksgiving food?


What did the pilgrims want to buy?


What was the Pilgrims favorite food?

what do pilgrims usually eat? they ate alot of food Hi 8th grade

What date did Squanto help the pilgrims?

he helped the pilgrims grow food like corn

Where was the Pilgrims food grown?

The Pilgrims planted their crops in fields just outside the town they built.

How did the wampanoag helped the pilgrims?

The Wampanoags helped the Pilgrims by teaching them how to fish, hunt, and plant food.