How did briarlight get injured?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't know, but do you like cheese cake?

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Q: How did briarlight get injured?
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Does jayfeather take a medicine cat apprentices?

Technically, no. Briarlight, who is severely injured, helps him, but isn't officially his apprentice.

Will Jayfeather take Briarlight as an apprentice?

No, He doesn't because he is a medicine cat, and Briarlight is not, until she has her accident, but all I know is he doesn't.

Did the fallen tree kill briarlight and longtail?

Briarlight tried to save Longtail from the tree killing him, but she failed and Longtail died. Briarlight's back legs are paralyzed, yet she manages to drag herself around camp. Vickie didn't want to have Briarlight die after the accident because one of her friends was paralyzed at the time.

Does Millie love Briarlight more than Blossomfall?

Millie cares for all her kits equally but may show special attention to Briarlight due to her disability. It doesn't mean she loves her more; she just wants to support and protect Briarlight in her unique situation. Millie loves all her kits in their own way.

Does briarlight have a mate?

Briarlight might end up being Jayfeather's apprentice and medicine cats don't have mates. But a lot of people are really wanting her to get am mate and there are rumors about her and Jayfeather being mates.

Who will be jayfeather's apprentice?

I think it will be Briarlight she can't be a warrior because of her injury.

What are Millies kits warrior names going to be?

Millie’s kits warrior names are Bumblestrip, Blossomfall, and Briarlight

Will Briarlight be a medicine cat?

She might she might not. It's most likely a yes.I think.

What is Briarkit's warrior name in Warriors?

Briarkit's warrior name in Warriors is Brackenfur.

Will briarlight get a mate?

Briarlight will moist likely be Jayfeathers apprentice. Med cats dont mate. Though, she may find a way to become of use to the Clan. I think, personally, the plot would benefit from her having a mate. Many people believe that she will be Jayfeathers mate, but these are JUST rumors.

Who does Thornclaw love?

He doesn't have one yet. But some possible choices are: Icecloud Blossomfall Briarlight Hazeltail

What is blossompaw's warrior name?

Blossompaw's warrior name is Blossomheart.