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D. Put forth your best effort no matter what.


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Q: How can you show good sportsmanship on a difficult situation?
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How can you show good sportsmanship in a difficult situation?

Put forth your best effort no matter what

How did Gen Grant show good sportsmanship at Appomattox Courthouse?

he stood up for himself

Does Derek Jeter show sportsmanship?

sometimes but not really

Where could one see videographic evidence of good sportsmanship?

There are various places where video footage of good sportsmanship is shown. Typically, watching tv shows that are dedicated to sport in general or to a specific sport will show clips of recent player interaction, occasionally showing players demonstrating good sportsmanship. Otherwise, it is usually possible to find such videos on video streaming websites such as YouTube, and also on social media such as FaceBook.

What is the right basketball attitude?

Practice hard, play hard in the game, and show good sportsmanship. You practice hard because it is more important to have the respect of your teammates than it is to have the respect of your opponents. You play hard in the game because people have taken time out of their day to watch you play, and play with you, and they are deserving of the best you have to give. You show good sportsmanship because it is more important to be a good person than it is to be a good basketball player.

How is Tom Brady sportmans ship good or bad?

its better than victor cruz sportsmanship tom brady knows that you shouldnt show off your dancing skills

What is the difference between gamesmanship and sportsmanship?

Sportsmanship is the principle of enjoying a sporting activity with the considerations of respect, fairness and ethical concerns to others.example: At the start of a football match, the two team captains will shake hands indicating that they are going to show good sportsmanship. however, if a player shows poor sportsmanship, such as discriminating another individual, the activity will be spoiled for the other competitors.Gamesmanship is the principle of following a code of conduct within the sport. It is about winning the sport without violating the rules of the sport.

Why is sportsmanship good?

It's always polite to show good sprtsmanship. It shows that you are a worthy opponent. And that you won't get all sad just because you lost. But that doesn't mean you sahout out complements during a match.

Did what Jim Tressel do show poor sportsmanship?

He knew about all of the players selling their stuff

When a baseball team wins why do the players stand in line and hi five each other?

To show good sportsmanship. But if you're talking about the winning team, that lets you know that they are happy they won.

What is ther aim of the Olympic movement?

to bring different countries together to make one to show sportsmanship

Sample of oath of sportsmanship?

An example of sportsmanship is when teams shake hands following the conclusion of a game. Some players will show better sportsmanship than others, and another example is when players of the opposite team help each other up after falling down.