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1pt for breaking a lance on the chest and between saddle and helm

2pts for breaking on the helmet and lance at the base

3pts for unhorsing the opponent or making them to drop their lance


  1. Only nobels or knights could joust

  2. Rider must own his own and equipment as his horse or equipment may be lost after battle

  3. At the signal riders gallop towards each other on the right hand side of the dividing bar carring only a lance and shield

  4. an 'unhorsing' ends the match

  5. If the lance is not broken the it is a glancing blow and no points are scored unless the opponent is unhorsed.

  6. If a knight falls then only the squire may help him. When the lance is broken only the squire may hand the lance to the knight. And only the squire may talk to the knight when preparing the horse for the next charge.

  7. In a unhorsing the winner may take the horse and armour, hold his opponent at ransom, both or neither.

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Points are scored by putting the opponent on the ground. The number of points depends on the type of throw. You get more points for getting them flat on their back than on their side.

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Q: How are points scored in jousting?
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