How are medals made?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gold: golden

silver: silver

bronze: bronze

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Q: How are medals made?
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What metal are gold medals mainly made from?

What are Olympic medals made of

How many spare medals are made for the Olympics?

three medals are made for Olympics

What are Olympics medals made from?

Olympics medals are made from Gold,Platinum and Bronzes

What are the FA and League Cup Final medals made from?

The FA and League Cup Final medals made from silver-gilt and gold medals. This makes these medals so precious and expensive.

When were Olympic medals made?

the olympic medals were created by old people

What are specification of commonwealth games medals?

The medals are all made of pure 100% gold. The silver medals are plated with 5mm on top of the gold. The same happens with the gold medals.

What are the 2 Olympic bronze medals made of?

they are made of bronze

What are the Olympic medals made out of?

plastic poo

What are the gold medals made of?

10carat gold

What are gold medals made of in commonwealth?


What are the special Olympics medals made of?


Are the Olympic gold medals chocolate cookies?

No, the Olympic medals are made of actual gold, silver and bronze.