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In Order to Skip a Turorial, Well, First create your character, then, Look at the VERY Bottom of the Champions online screen, you should see a ''Skip Tutorial'' Button, click it, then your off at level 6! :) Good Luck!

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Q: How To Skip The Tutorial on Champions Online?
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Is there a way to skip tutorial on DC universe online?

No you can NOT skip it, i wish you could but, they have not implemented an option for that yet, hopefully they will as i love to make alt characters, and the tutorial gets annoying, but for now no, you will just have to go through it :(

How do you skip the tutorial at the start of Littlebigplanet 1?

you can its a tutorial

Can you skip the runcape tutorial?

Yes you can

How do you skip the tutorial on the DSi camera?

You can't. Nothing will happen to complete the tutorial. Just do it!

How do you skip Nintendogs tutorial?

I'm sorry to say you can't skip the tutorial on nintendogs. I'ts imposible. You need to teach your dog all that stuff so I suggest you get a pre-owned game of nintendogs and that way you can skip it I suppose.

How do you skip the Tutorial on ToonTown?

You can't. You have to deal with it the whole time.

How do you play we are champions on piano?

"Pianocrumbs" is a website that carries a simple tutorial.

What is meant by online tutorial?

An online tutorial is a walk-through that is accessed from the Internet of how to use a product.

When did Champions Online happen?

Champions Online happened in 2009.

What is better champions online or city of heroes?

champions online

How do you skip tutorial in runescape?

I don't think there is such an option. But don't worry, you only need to do this once for your account. After that, you can play for months or years without doing the tutorial.

When was Champions Online created?

Champions Online was created on 2009-09-01.