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Q: Here are the 30 best lifetime baseball batting averages of all time arranged in order from lowest to highest?
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Who is the best baseball player this year?

According to batting averages it is Albert Pujols

Who has the highest lifetime batting average in baseball?

Ty Cobb with a .366 batting average

What are some variables that effect batting averages of baseball players?

Only two variables affect batting average - hits and at-bats.

What is the most incredible baseball feat ever?

Ty Cobb's .367 lifetime batting average.

Are batting averages ratios?

Yes, batting averages are ratios. It compares the number of hits a player gets by the number of times he/she has been at bat.

What is joey votto batting averages?


Are there any decimals on a newspapers?

if you look in the baseball section, there are batting averages sometimes. However it all depends on the newspaper

What was the lifetime batting average of Ty Cobb?

Ty Cobb had a lifetime batting average of .366

Who has the highest lifetime batting average of 367?

Ty Cobb batted .367 for his career. That is the highest career batting average in major league baseball history.

Are Batting averages based on a 1000?

They are based out of 1.000

What do you call the person who calculates batting averages?


Explain how math is used in baseball?

People add up the scores and calculate batting averages. They count how many days remain until the end of the season.