Has arlene golonka ever married

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes--twice, briefly.

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Q: Has arlene golonka ever married
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Was arlene golonka married to Larry delaney?

yes arlene golonka-delaney 1072 252nd street apt a harbor city california 90310 is her address

What is Arlene Golonka's birthday?

Arlene Golonka was born on January 23, 1939.

When was Arlene Golonka born?

Arlene Golonka was born on January 23, 1939.

How old is Arlene Golonka?

Arlene Golonka is 72 years old (birthdate: January 23, 1939).

Did Arlene Dickinson ever get married?

Yes, she did. Her husband was David Downer, an actor.

Was there a television show in the early 1950's called Millie the Model?

"Millie, the Model" was a 1969 episode of "Mayberry R.F.D." Millie was played by Arlene Golonka.

What year did martin Cooper get married?

Yes, Martin Cooper is married. He is married to Arlene Harris.

Was Dr Martin Cooper married?

Yes, Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first handheld mobile phone, was married. He was married to Arlene Harris for over 50 years until his passing in 2021.

When was Jozef Golonka born?

Jozef Golonka was born in 1938.

How tall is Taylor Golonka?

Taylor Golonka is 6' 2".

When did Mitch Pileggi get married?

Mitch Pileggi married to Arlene in 1997

Did arlene alda appear on mash?

There is no listing or evidence that Arlene ever appeared on the show.