Hairstyles suitable for sport

Updated: 9/28/2023
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If you are looking for accessories to put in your hair during the meets, clips and bobby pins are allowed in the colors navy blue, brown and black, ribbons of your team color are allowed also, but no headbands. you also have to keep all of your hair out of your face or it will be a deduction, because it is unsafe. for practice you can pretty much do anything as long as its ok with your coach. a very cool hairstyle for meets is webbing it, some people call it the pineapple though. its where you take tiny rubber bands and make a row of mini ponytails and then make a row behind it and split the first row into that row, and keep doing that until you reach halfway to the back of your head, and when your done with the webbing part you pull the rest of the hair into a pony. its pretty cool but you may need help doing it. you can also wear glittery hairspray as long as it is ok for that meet. some meets allow it and some don't so i say you check with the meet director or whoever is in charge before you put it in. I do gymnastics and webbing is how i do my hair for meets, here is a photo of how the webbing should turn out

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simply a middle-high pony tail

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Q: Hairstyles suitable for sport
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