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Some examples of individual or dual sports include:

1.Womens Basketball

2.Mens Basketball

3.Womens indoor volleyball

4.Womens Beach Volleyball

5.Men's indoor Volleyball

6.Men's Beach Volleyball

7.Womens Track and Field

8.Mens track and Field

9.Womens Grass Tennis

10.Womens Tennis - Clay

11.Womens Tennis - Indoor

12.Womens Tennis - Outdoor

13. Mens tennis -Grass

14.Mens tennis- Clay

15. Mens tennis - indoor

16.Mens tennis - outdoor

17. Mens Racquetball

18.Womens racquetballall

19. Women's Lacross

20. Mens Lacross

21. Powder puff Football

22. Mens American football

23. Women's soccer

24.Mens soccer

25. Rugby


27. Barrel Racing

28. Team Calf Roping

29. Mens Baseball

30.Womens softball

31.Mens swimming

32.Womens swimming

33.Womens Diving

34.Mens Diving

35.White Water Rafting

36. BMX racing

37. Dirt bike racing

38. Power lifting

39.Ping pong

40.Cross Country

41.Snow boarding


43.Water Skiing

44. Ice skating

45. Ice Racing

46.Ice Hockey


48. Gymnastics


50.Car Racing

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