Flat-back can be identified by a?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pelvis tilted backward

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Q: Flat-back can be identified by a?
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When was Flatback sea turtle created?

Flatback sea turtle was created in 1880.

Where do flatback turtles live?

The flatback sea turtle is a sea turtle endemic to the continental shelf of Australia.

Are flatback turtles extinct?

No, but they are endangered.

Is a Australian Flatback turtle a vertebrate?

yes it is

How many eggs can a flatback turtle lay?

There are approximately 54 eggs in a flatback turtle's clutch. During a single nesting season, a female flatback may nest as many as 4 times (with a period of a little over two weeks between each laying.) This means in a single season a Flatback Turtle can lay upwards of 215 eggs. After this, the female will not lay again for 2-3 years.

What sea turtle lives of the coast of Australia?

the flatback turtle

Which of the following sea turtles is not typically found in Florida?


How many flatback sea turtles are left in the world?


What do flatback sea turtles eat?

jelly fish sea aka

How did flat back sea turtles get their name?

Because of the flatness of the flatback's shell.

What kind of turtle is NOT typically found in Florida?

There's only one and that is a flatback turtle.

Australian flatback turtle warmblooded or cold-blooded?

yes because all reptiles are coldblooded