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The 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin

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Q: First live sports telecast
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How live telecast of sports are shown?

If you mean Live Braodcastng, Anyone can buy a server and setup to broadcasting.

When was the Olympics first telecast live on television?


How does live telecast work?

got no idea

What does livescore mean?

The word "livescore" is in reference to a sports telecast; most commonly soccer or football. The livescore means that the scores are being reported live, as they happen.

How you can telecast the live cricket match?

You can telecast a live cricket match by using a video camera that is connected to a type of tv plug which is connected to a computer, i think.

Which channel will brodcast icc champions trophy live telecast in Saudi Arabia?

espn & star cricket will telecast the full series.

Which channel will brodcast icc champions trophy live telecast in India?

Star Cricket and ESPN will telecast in IndiaMore on ICC Champions Trophy Cricket LIVE coverage at

Is google earth a live telecast or satelitte image?

Satellite Image.

How does ten sports telecast wwe smackdown at 5.00 pm in India as the time in usa is still morning.Before the results are even out in website matches are been telecast ed on this channel. how is this?

SmackDown is not a LIVE show. It is taped on Tuesday & later telecast on Friday. Following is the current weekly TV taping schedule of the WWE: MONDAY: Taping of "Superstars" followed by LIVE taping of "RAW". TUESDAY: Taping of "ECW" followed by the remaining "Superstars" taping and then followed by "SmackDown" taping.

What do you call the screen kept in front of newsreaders while live telecast?


Can dd telecast the cricket matchodi live?

Yes DD can provide live broadcasting of all cricket matches.

Why would television be so important after World War 2?

Live telecast can be given

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