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cricket as they still use the word yard

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Q: Find another Sport that still used the imperial system?
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Why does America still use the Imperial system of measurement?


Is the Metric System used more frequently than the Imperial System of Measurements?

Yes, the metric system is the most used system. Only a few countries out of many still use the Imperial system. Even in the USA, where the Imperial system is still in use, the scientific disciplines use the metric system because it is universal.

Why do you still use imperial in Canada?

We don't, some older people still use the imperial system because that's what they were raised with. Officially Canada uses the metric system though.

Do you still use the imperial or British system in South Africa?

No, South Africa follows the Metric system

What is the English System of units?

In the old days the English created the imperial system (the us still use this system). But nowadays they use the metric system.

Why do people still use the imperial system?

Because they are too stuck in their habits to see the huge advantages of the SI system.

How many oz to pints?

In the US, 16. Elsewhere (where the old Imperial system is still used) 20.

How many countries use the English system of measurement?

Three countries in the world use the English Measurement System; Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S.A. The United Kingdom still uses the Imperial system for some of their measurements. They still have Miles on their road signs. Still sell their beer and milk by the pint. A large majority of the population use the Imperial system. But Metric is used commercially.

Does England have miles or kilometres?

Britain is in a transition period between the imperial system and the metric system. However, distances are still measured in miles.

Which countries are using miles?

Miles are a part of the Imperial System (or US customary system). The only countries to use this system is the United States, however, Liberia is also considered to use this form of measurement. You will find Liberia listed as a Metric Nation and as an Imperial Nation (in form of measurement systems); this is because Liberia does not have an official system of measurements. Liberia tends to use the Metric System in forms of international trade and business, but will tend to use the Imperial System in forms of internal usage. The United States is also a Metric/Imperial Nation, however, it is more Imperial than Metric and you will probably never list it as a Metric Nation alone. Myanmar (Burma) also does not use the Metric System, however, they do not use the Imperial System; they have their own system of measurement known as the Burmese System. However, there are still many Metric Nations that still use forms of the Imperial System. For example, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, the Bahamas, India, and Malaysia still use some forms of the Imperial System, but are official Metric Nations. Many other countries fall under this category as well, mainly countries that were at one time a part of the British Empire (as the Imperial System was made by the British Empire).

How many fl oz is in 6 qt?

that depends on whether you are using the US System or the Imperial System. in the US System a quart is two pints and a pint is 16 US fluid ounces, so 6 quarts is 192 US fluid ounces. In the Imperial System (used in the British Empire after 1824) a quart is still two pints, but a pint is 20 Imperial fluid ounces. So in the Imperial System 6 quarts is 240 Imperial fluid ounces. US fluid ounces are a little larger than Imperial fluid ounces.

Where is imperial gallon used?

An imperial gallon used to be used in the United Kingdom and all Commonwealth nations. Even though these measures were superceded by the metric system, vestiges of this measuring system still exist. Primarily in cooking and fluid measures. Englishmen still visit the pubs for dragms and pints of their favorite beverages. These are measures related to the imperial gallon.

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