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At the end ---- A+

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Q: Fin Joe finally finished the 1500 meter race.?
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Worlds fastest 1500 meter race?

3:26.00 - Hicham El Guerrouj

How do you win a 1500 meter race within 4 minutes?

Train really hard and run fast

Slowest 100 meter dash?

54.3 Injured runner who finished the race

How much longer in percentage is a one mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile is 7.2% longer than 1500m

How do you calculate split time?

A split time is basically the time it takes to run a fraction of a race. If there is a 1500 meter race, there could be split times at 400 meters, 800 meters, and 1200 meters. So the time it took to run the first 400 meters of the 1500 meter race would be called a split time.

How many strokes in a 1000metre rowing race?

not sure what you mean by this, but if you mean the Olympics, they race on a 2000 meter course, the world standard. i know in the u.s. scholastic teams (high schools and some colleges) race on a 1500 meter race course. that's about as short as it gets though

What is the average speed of a runner who completes a 1500 meter race in 4 minutes 10 seconds?

About 365.5 meters a minute.

Is a hundred-yard race or a hundred-meter race larger?

A hundred-meter race

How much longer in percentage is a mile race than a 1500 meter race the metric mile?

A mile. A mile has 5280 feet while 1600 meters has 5249.3438 feet. A difference of 30.6562 feet.

How many laps of the pool do the athletes swim in the 1500 meter race?

each lap is 50m so its 30 laps if you add 2 more laps you got a mile witch is a 1600 meter swim

What is the history of the 100 meter race?

The 100 meter race started in the 1896 Olympics.

Did Matthew Helm win a race at the Beijing Olympics 2008?

No. Mathew Helm is a diver and competed in the 10 meter platform and 10 meter synchronized platform events. He finished 6th in the 10 meter platform and 4th in the 10 meter synchronized platform with partner Robert Newbery.