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Q: Even though Amy's mom claims that girls do not play football Amy decides to play football anyway. This is an example of?
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What is the biggest fantasy football organization?

Yahoo! claims to have the most fantasy football leagues.

What is Claims Administration in Life Insurance?

Claims Administration is the group of people in charge of the department that decides if the company is going to pay any particular claim (when someone dies).

Would you lose your no claims if your car were to be stolen?

probably if you make a claim anyway

Who decides if civil or small claims?

The plaintiff decides. However, there are two main exceptions: If it is over $5000, it must be tried in county court. And, if the Defendant wishes, he or she may remove the case from Small Claims court to county or district court where he or she may be represented by an attorney. Be careful, if you file in small claims court and it is removed, you will lose the right to trial by jury.

What is claim In adjudication?

Claims adjudication is generally a term found in insurance. It is the process in which the insurance company decides whether or not to pay out on the claim.

How many national championships has alabama's football team had?

The university claims 8 national championships.

Where can a person play Slime Football online?

Slime Football claims to be a very addictive game. Players have the opportunity to play against humans or slime. The game can be found online at the Slime Football website.

What are some health claims that are true?

There are many health claims that are true. Not exercising will typically lead to being unfit or overweight for example.

What are some online sources for live football scores?

ESPN is a company that claims that they are the leader is sports. One can get live on-line football scores and stories from them. The British sports channel known as "bbc sports" offers live football scores as well.

Can a car insurance company refuse to give you your no claims bonus because you owe them money?

Absolutely. Would you pay someone who owed you money. The no claims bonus is a gimmick anyway. Allstate advertises the refund of premium bonus if you don't have any claims. However, in order to get this bonus check you have to purchase an endorsement that costs you as much as the bonus could possibly be.

What is the liability for product warranty claims is an example of a liability that?

Product warranty claims liability is an example of a liability that arises from a company's obligation to repair or replace products that are defective or do not meet the terms of the warranty. This liability represents the estimated cost of fulfilling these warranty claims and is recorded on the company's balance sheet as a potential expense that may need to be incurred in the future.

How many claims are filed each year?

500 million