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yeah they have 5 kids! LOL for them

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Q: Dose blaze will ever get married to silver?
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Does blaze the cat ever come back?

Yes Blaze comes back to life because when they change time she comes back with silver, And they get married

Dose blaze love sonic or silver?

blaze loves silver because silver dosent like anyone else. sorry but i think the person that last edited it has got their facts wrong sonic secretly likes Amy have you seen sonic x... and have you been seeing the site sonic wiki blaze and silver were bffl 4 ever now their a couple

Pretty zinta does she ever married?

pretty zinta dose she married

Will Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog Ever star in their own games?

Maybe. Sega are not sure. PS don't believe the game silver the hedgehog. its fake and fanmade

What ever happien to silver at the end of the sonic game?

my friend Cody said that he gose back to his time and sees Blaze again and how is that sonic and silver kind of went back in time to stop that from happiening so yeah oh and silver and blaze are 14 years old and also it was 200 years later.

Has silver and blaze ever been in bed together and have a love affair?

yes they alredy have for 5 times already...HAHAHA!! they have children and they will do it agen when they marry! thrust harder silver wahahaaha

Will you ever get married to silver the hedgehog?

dont know ima think on that

Will blaze ever marry silver?

maybe,how much I seen fromsonic heroes all the way to next gen sonic the hedgehog ps3 yeah.

Do silver and blaze like each other?

Well, Silver & Blaze do more than kissing... They had a romantic dinner at the park with roses and champagne. They stopped the world and melted with eachother. Then, they went into a beaver home and made love passionately for 3 hours. Then, they went back home to Silver's mom and told her everything about the whole night. :) Her mom got kind of turned on and asked if she could join them next time. Hope this helps! :) XOXO A

What type of real world cat is blaze the cat?

Blaze is a cat, no specific type of cat was ever given.

Is blaze a boys name or girls name?

The only blaze I've ever known was a horse, and he was a boy. So I'd say blaze is probably a boy name. Blaze would sound good as a girl, too, though.

Did Blaze the cat ever have kids?

Blaze the Cat is a lavendar female tough princes and Mobian cat. It is not known whether Blaze the Cat had kids or not. She was very tough in her own dimensions.