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Q: Does the offical blow his whistle on illegal motion or let the play go?
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What does whistle mean?

You blow your fingers in your can blow with a real whistle.when you whistle you blow loud.

What does Somebody might blow the whistle on your plan mean?

Blowing the whistle means you are going to expose someone's plan. Bobbies in England have whistles and they blow them to alert other officers that something illegal is going on. That is where the phrase comes from.Blowing the whistle is calling attention to wrongdoing.

When was Blow the Whistle - song - created?

Blow the Whistle - song - was created on 2006-03-07.

Why does a whistle whistle?

There is a little ball that when you blow, it rattles around.

How do you blow the whistle on club penguin?

Ahhhh! so you have a whistle do ya??? well to blow your whistle all you need to do is wave! press W and see what happens!

How is Flo rider whistle rude?

"Blow my whistle" is a sexual reference.

Is flopping illegal?

No, some refs will realize you flopped and just won't call the foul, some may think you're not faking it, and will blow the whistle.

How do you blow the whistle on The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

The whistle is in the top right hand corner, in case you haven't noticed. To blow it touch the whistle with your stylus and pull it down.

What rhymes with mistletoe?

whistle blow

What does blow the whistle mean?

Blowing the whistle is calling attention to wrong doing.

How do you blow club penguin whistle?

Put On The Whistle WITHOUT Any OTHER Clothes On :)

'blow the whistle on your plan'?

I don't like to do that.