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Yes he does have a girlfriend but i dont know her name.

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Q: Does prince fielder have a girlfriend?
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Does Prince Fielder have a wife or girlfriend?

Yes, he does hate you and also has girlfriend. Go Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Redwigs. Go Patriots too.

What is Prince Fielder's birthday?

Prince Fielder was born on May 9, 1984.

When was Prince Fielder born?

Prince Fielder was born on May 9, 1984.

Who is prince fielder's father?

Cecil Fielder

What is the birth name of Pat Fielder?

Pat Fielder's birth name is Patricia Marie Penny.

Does Prince Fielder bat right or left?

MLB player Prince Fielder bats left.

Does Prince Fielder throw right or left?

MLB player Prince Fielder throws right.

What is Prince Fielder's number on the Texas Rangers?

Prince Fielder is number 84 on the Texas Rangers.

What is prince fielder's nickname?

The Prince of Power!

Is Prince Fielder a vegan?


What race is prince fielder?

Prince Fielder is at least half African American as his father is Cecil Fielder, former Detroit Tiger great who is African American.

How much money does Prince Fielder make?

MLB player Prince Fielder made $24000000 in the 2014 season.