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yes, im very happy (cause she's my favorite) to inform you that, indeed, Payson Keeler from the hit television show Make It or Break It does go to the Olympics, though you never find out who actually wins the olympics cause they dont ever show it, the show ends with either 3 or 4 seasons, and it tells you who made the team, but it never says who wins bronze, silver, and gold, and it never tells who places what.

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Q: Does payson keeler go to the Olympics?
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What is payson keeler's real name?

Alla Kell

Who plays payson kneeker in make or break it?

Ayla Kell plays Payson Keeler

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The actress' name is Ayla Kell

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Emily Kmetko Lauren Tanner Payson Keeler Kaylie Cruz Want more yes watc is ALL IF THERE REAL NANMES

What nicknames does Paul Keeler go by?

Paul Keeler goes by Stormwatch.

Who plays some girls in make it or break it?

Josie Loren is Kaylie Cruz, Ayla Kell is Payson Keeler, Chelsea Hobbs is Emily Kmetko, and Cassie Scerbo is Lauren Tanner.

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