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No he doesn't. He has a older brother and sister

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Q: Does josh thomas have a twin brother?
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Why was Thomas called the twin in the Bible?

Thomas is called a twin in the bible because he had a twin brother.

Does munro chambers have a twin brother?

yes, he has an identical twin brother named Thomas Chambers

Who is Doubting Thomas' twin brother?


Which member of the band the wanted has an identical twin?

Jay McGuiness (twin brother is Thomas a.k.a Tom) AND Siva Kaneswaran (twin brother is Kumar) have twin brothers!

Who is munro chambers brother?

Thomas Chambers and Michel Chambers Thomas Chambers is his twin

Where in the New Testament does it say that Didymos Judas Thomas is Jesus' twin brother?

There is no explicit reference in the New Testament stating that Didymus Judas Thomas is Jesus' twin brother. The belief that Thomas is Jesus' twin is based on extra-biblical sources and early Christian traditions.

What Munro chamber twin brother name?

his equally hot twin brother's name is thomas! don't ya think they're INSANELY HOT?!?!

Does munro chambers have a brother?

Yes, a twin brother named Thomas Chambers, and a younger brother named Micheal Chambers.

What family does Munro Chambers have?

He has a twin brother named Thomas. Parents. And a younger brother named Micheal.

Does munro chambers have any brothers?

Munro has a twin brother, Thomas Chambers, and a younger brother named Micheal chambers.

Could the apostle Didymos Judas Thomas be Judas a twin brother of Jesus?

Thomas is not a proper name, but means "twin" in Aramaic, as does "Didymus" in Greek. The Gospel of Thomas explains that his given name was "Judas (not Iscariot)".The Acts of Thomas, probably written at the beginning of the third century, says that Judas Thomas was the twin brother of Jesus and is sometimes mistaken for Jesus, even deceiving the Devil. However, this is not mainstream Christian doctrine.

Who was Thomas' twin?

Thomas had a twin sister named Teresa in "The Maze Runner" series by James Dashner. They shared a special connection and played significant roles in the story.