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For some people, yes. Especially me. Definetly when I run or bike.

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Q: Does drinking milk before physical activity cause your stomach to become upset?
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What are the effects of physical activity on enzyme activity?

Physical activity can alter the shape of enzyme which can cause damage or may the enzyme become inactive

Why does your ten year old become angry when asked to do a physical activity?

this child needs to be shown the importance of physical activity. Maybe go running together, so then he can see that you take physical activity seriously as well.

How much physical activity does a teen need to become in perfect shape?

There is no single physical activity that a teen needs to become in perfect shape. A combination of exercises is the best way to increase muscle mass and keep your body healthy.

What is an organization that enables and encourages people with disabilities to become physically fit?

There is The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability.

Can you get fit by bmx?

The quick answer is yes you can. Its just like any regular physical activity really if you do enough of it your body will become more used to the demands needed for the activity that you are doing really.

How can physical activity prevent hypokinetic disease and conditions?

Hypokinetic diseases are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Without physical activity, the body does not work as well as it should: muscles can atrophy, the heart can become weak, and all body parts will be affected. Physical activity helps to keep the body in shape and working as it should.

How does physical activity for health differ from physical activity for fitness?

physical activity for health doesnt really differ from physical activity for fitness that much.. It is almost exactly the same. it really depends on what you consider as 'health' and what you consider as 'fitness'. physical activity does help you health, as it teaches your body to become more routined to whatever you are doing physically. it teaches your body to endure and last longer and it is good for muscle strengthening. this is similar to physical activity for fitness. it increases your speed, suppleness, improves your skills as you become more physical. it also improves strength and endurance, helping you to last longer and longer each time you physicall become active in an activity, whether it be playing sports or just going for a run . so help my answer has helped . :)

What is drinking yourself dry?

drinking so much that you become dehydrated.

How do people act when drinking?

People can easily become intoxicated when consuming too much alcohol. Alcohol affects each person differently but there are general guidelines as too how many drinks causes one's blood-alcohol level to be too high to operate a vehicle. Drinking on an empty stomach or drinking quickly can cause intoxication rapidly.

What stage of alcoholism does drinking become a necessity?

when your drinking every week or day

Can you become infected with the Hepatis-B virus by drinking out of the same drinking cup?


Why do some people become athletes?

maybe 1- a natural inclination towards physical activity. or 2- an hobby that uses spare time in a safe and healthy way