Does berbatov smoke

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No he Won't do because he wont be aloud to keep healthy and on the extreme peak of fitness!

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Q: Does berbatov smoke
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Does dimitar berbatov smoke?


Does Dimitar Berbatov smoke cigs?

He is a professional athlete so i'd imagine not.

What players in the premier league smoke?

Mario Balotelli Wayne Rooney Dimitar Berbatov Ashley Cole Federico Macheda

What is the name of dimitar berbatov s mother?

Dimitar Berbatov's mother is Margarita Berbatov..........Berbatov is family name which stands for male,not for female, so it has to be Berbatova

Is Dimitar Berbatov Jewish?

Dimitar Berbatov is Bulgarian.

Who wears number 9 man utd?

Dimitar Berbatov

Where does dimitar berbatov live?

dimitar berbatov is in belgium

Who is better klaas Jan huntelaar or dimitar berbatov?

Berbatov by far

When was Dimitar Berbatov born?

Dimitar Berbatov was born on January 30, 1981.

When is berbatov's birthday?

His birthday is on the 30 of January same as mine berbatov is the best

What is Dimitar Berbatov's birthday?

Dimitar Berbatov was born on January 30, 1981.

Who has played for the most clubs joey barton or dimitar berbatov?

Dimitar Berbatov