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yeah its defintinly there herbal. (believe that).

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Q: Does Lamar Odom have a tattoo on the back of his head?
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Why does lamar have a tattoo on the back of his head?

Because he put the tatoos in honor of his cousin who passed away.He used to call him "LaStar".That's why

What does a tattoo of the number 22 on the back of the head symbolize?

In many instances, a tattoo of a number such as this has gang affiliation. Not to say that this is the definitive meaning for this particular tattoo, but I would wager so. A lot of times one gets a tattoo on the back of their head as a bold statement of their affiliation so that it can be read by anyone at anytime in prison.

Does Cee Lo Green have a tattoo on his head?

Yes, he does. He has a rose design over his ear, and a message in a non-English, character-based language across the back of his head. The tattoo at the back of his head is actually Tibetan letters which is pronounced as "Chog-shay" in Tibetan and it means "contentment."

What is a backpiece?

A backpiece is a decorated comb which attaches a veil to the back of a bride's head, or a large tattoo on a person's back.

Where has Aston got a tattoo and where is it?

yes he does, he has 3 stars at the back of his head

Gypsy head tattoo?

Yes, it's a tattoo of a gypsy woman.

What was Joseph Stalin's tattoo?

A death's-head tattoo. A skull a like tattoo. Don't believe.

What is the symbolism of a lion's head tattoo?

A person's tattoo has usually been chosen for a personal and unique reason. A lion's head tattoo may be a symbol of pride or confidence. The symbolism of this tattoo may also have to do with some other personally meaningful reason.

Where should a person get a tattoo of the head and neck cancer ribbon on their body?

I will be placing mine on the top of my back, right below the nape of my neck!

Who is the model with the dragon tattoo on the head?

Eve Salvail

Does Jamie Foxx have a tattoo on the back of his head?

Yes he does. He got it celebration of his 40th birthday. It is a tribal which you can clearly see now since he has been shaving his head. There have been people that have confused it with a fade haircut.Answer

What does it mean to have your tattoo on your back?

It means you can't see it unless you stand in front of a mirror with your back to the mirror and twist your head round to see the reflection in the mirror of your tattoo.Having a tattoo on your back doesn't mean anything in particular. The back is a large area of skin, and many people like to have large tattoos put there to show off a particular artist, or a particular painting that they like.