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No, but he does have a sister named Jakeithia.

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Yes. His older brother played for Auburn.

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Q: Does Demarcus ware have any brothers?
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How much does demarcus ware get paid?

how much do you get paid demarcus ware

When was DeMarcus Ware born?

DeMarcus Ware was born on July 31, 1982.

What is DeMarcus Ware's birthday?

DeMarcus Ware was born on July 31, 1982.

How many Super Bowls did demarcus ware played at?

DeMarcus Ware has not played in any Super Bowls. He was drafted in 2005 by the Dallas Cowboys, and they have not qualified for the Super Bowl in that time.

How old is DeMarcus Ware?

DeMarcus Ware is 34 years old (birthdate: July 31, 1982).

Are Demarcus Ware and DJ Ware related?

No they are not related

Who is better demarcus ware or troy polumalu?

Demarcus Ware, because Troy Polumalu is really just overrated

How much does NFL player DeMarcus Ware weigh?

NFL player DeMarcus Ware weighs 258 pounds.

What college did NFL player DeMarcus Ware play for?

Troy University in Alabama

Is demarcus ware the best?

yes he is the best

Whose last name in the Dallas Cowboys is ware?

demarcus ware, #94

Was demarcus ware the ownly child?

There is no public information on whether or not Demarcus Ware is an only child. He and his wife Taniqua adopted 2 children together in 2006.