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yes me

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Q: Does Dana Jacobson have a boyfriend?
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What is Dana Jacobson's birthday?

Dana Jacobson was born on November 5, 1971.

When was Dana Jacobson born?

Dana Jacobson was born on November 5, 1971.

How old is Dana Jacobson?

Sports reporter Dana Jacobson is 46 years old (birthdate: November 5, 1971).

What is Dana Jacobson famous for?

Dana Jacobson is a famous American anchorwoman on sports. She is well-known for presenting SportsCenter on the ESPN channel, and more recently, on CBS.

Did Dana Jacobson play sports in college?

Dana Jacobson did not play sports in college. She received a degree in English and communications from the University of Michigan, and has always worked as a reporter.

Is Dana Jacobson married?

shes open for buisness

Is Fran Drescher maried?

no but she does have a boyfriend whos name i don't know. she was married to peter Marc jacobson but they got a divorce.

What movie and television projects has Dana Jacobson been in?

Dana Jacobson has: Played herself in "SportsCenter" in 1979. Played Herself - Co-Host (2005-) in "Cold Pizza" in 2003. Played ESPN Host in "Rocky Balboa" in 2006. Played Herself - ESPN in "Dinner: Impossible" in 2007. Played Herself - Co-Host in "ESPN First Take" in 2007. Played Herself - Host in "ESPN First Take" in 2007.

What nicknames does Augustus Jacobson go by?

Augustus Jacobson goes by Gus Jacobson.

When did Jacobson's end?

Jacobson's ended in 2002.

When was Jacobson's created?

Jacobson's was created in 1838.

What is the birth name of Fred Jacobson?

Fred Jacobson's birth name is Friedrich Alex Jacobson.