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Pretty much all Tippman accessories are universal on all Tippman Models. If it, it will state clearly on the box.

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Q: Do the accessories for the tippmann 98 fit the tippmann bravo one?
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What is better The Tippmann response trigger or the E-Grip?

The response trigger is cheaper and more reliable because of the mechanical nature. However, the E-grip provides more functionality and it is widely accepted as the superior option, one downside is that it requires a 9-volt battery so you'll want to keep a spare on you just in case. Also the repsonse trigger is not allowed in tournament games, where the E-grip is completely legal.

What are sports?

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How do you take off the stock on a Tippmann 98 Custom?

First Remove the tank, barrel, feedneck and hopper. Then remove all of the screws that hold the two receiver halves in place. Remove one half of the reviver, then look near the back at the stock and back cap. lift up the stock and take the main spring and guide pin out. Then replace the stock with the original end cap, putting the guide rod and spring back into place. Make sure the detents, front sight spring, and trigger assembly or any other parts did not pop out. Reassemble the marker.

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Does tippmann 16'' sniper barrel for 98 custom fit alpha black?

Yes, all 98 threaded barrels fit: model 98 98 custom alpha black/ bravo one project salvo/ tango one carver one They will NOT fit: tippmann A5 Tippmann X7/ phenom TPX pistol tippmann prolite spyders or any other companies

Should you get the BT omega or the tippmann bravo one tactical?

Witch ever you can find the cheapest, they are (nearly) identical in looks and identical in performance. The bravo one is based on the Tippmann 98, and the omega is based on the BT4. The 98 and Bt4 are internally identical.

Can you put a scope on a tippmann bravo one gun?

Not unless you get the handle adapter and drill a hole in the carry handle.

Is the tippman bravo one paintball marker better than the tippman a-5?

No, It was not meant to anyways. The main Tippmann lines has the Tippmann 98 as their starter marker, the Tippmann A5 as their intermediate marker, and the X7/X7 Phenom as their top brand. The bravo one (alpha black in The United States) is simply a different looking Tippmann 98. The A-5 has the cyclone feed, and is much easier to take apart with a tombstone airline and push-pin disassembly.

Can the tippmann Carver one have a stock?

Yes, any 98 stock will fit.

Does the tippmann a5 m107 shroud fit the tippmann 98 custom if not then can you send me a link to buy a M107 shroud for the tippmann 98 custom?

No it does not. there is only one 98 shroud: Related links

Do tippmann 98 custom and alpha black have the same thread?

Yes, along with the project salvo, and carver one, and their Canadian versions the Bravo one, and Tango one.

Can tippmann barrels fit on spyder guns?

Sadly no. On the end of the barrel are the threads, and as one could see the threads on the end of a Tippmann barrel are thick. Spyder threads are much thinner.

How much does a Tippmann paintball gun cost?

The Tippmann paintball gun can be purchased from JustPaintball for å£399.00 for the Phenom E-Grip or å£119.95 for the Bravo One. Other models can be purchased for fgures in between these 2 amounts, depending on the specifications you require.

What kind of shows are shown on Bravo One?

Bravo One is a tactical gun paint marker used in Paintball fights or games. One can see the videos at Youtube and one can purchase the guns at Canada Paint Ball, eBay, Badland Paint Ball, Paint Ball Gear and Tippmann.

How many shots can you get with a 12oz CO2 tank with a tippmann bravo one?

in determining this you must know A 12oz tank is not very large and Tippmann guns are not very efficient with air. You should expect around 500-600 shots. This depends on good weather conditions and the type of paint.

Is the Tippmann Bravo One Tactical Edition Marker any good?

The Bravo one/Alpha Black is a great, cheap starter marker. It is reliable and durable, but that's about it. The tactical edition is useful if you plan on buying a remote line or like having a horizontal hand grip. For the price, it is a great gun.

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