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Olympic alternates don't get medals in team events, unless at some point in time they participate in the event to any extent. The alternates aren't alone however, coaches don't get medals either

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Q: Do olympic alternates in team events get medals?
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Do the alternates get medals if the team wins?

You are kiddig, right? Of course they do.

Who were the alternates on the 1968 us olympic boxing team?


How many events are in the soccer Olympic?

Two gold medals are awarded in football, a men's team champion and a women's team champion.

Do alternates get medals in the Olympics?

No. The single alternate left on the Men's Gymnastics team did not receive a medal when his team took the bronze

Who won the most olympic medals for India?

Their Olympic Field Hockey Team.

Who were the alternates on the 1968 Olympic 4 X 100 mens relay team?

charlie greene

How many gold medals are there to be won at the Olympic games?

There will be 302 gold medals, and 906 medals, in total, to be awarded in the 2008 Olympics. Obviously they make more individual medals to hand out than that because each person of team events get a medal....

How many olympic gold medals have the UK gymnastics team won in 2012?

As of today, August 8th, the UK gymnastics team has not won any olympic gold medals.

How many gold medals were won by the british olympic team in Beijing?

19 gold medals

What is gymnast larisa latynina famous for?

LARISSA LATYNINA has more Olympic medals than anyone in history, male or female, in any sport. She holds the record for winning the most Olympic medals at 18 (nine gold medals, five silver and four bronze). She is the only female athlete to win nine Olympic gold medals. She also holds the record for most individual medals (14 outside of team events) in Olympic history.

Who were the alternates for the 1952 olympic boxing team?

Joseph L. Chandler, Sr., Atlanta, GA, (Airforce)

Who were the alternates on the mens 1980 olympic hockey team?

Ralph Cox, Auge, Horsch, Sellick, Cross

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