Do goth people like sports

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Yes, of course they do, anybody can like sports, even if they are goth

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Q: Do goth people like sports
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When was goth most popular and Least popular?

Goth was never exactly popular Act-ally it was a bit popular when in the early 20 centenary when new Goth songs where out with black roses death and witches like a Goth rock people where starting to get used to it but now the only people who like Goth are sad people who feel like the life has been crushed (The right word for it is sados)

Are tripp pants goth?

No goth is just if you worship the devil or explore the wika culture (witches) but yes it is goth like and favored by goths but some people just like the look

Why do people want to be goth?

They want to be goth just because they like the style it doesn't mean that they worship the devil or anything!

Why do people dress goth?

People may dress in goth because they like the style. There is no real answer behind it. People also may just dress like that because that is how they feel about life or they just like dark colors. Hope I could help! =)

Is it ok for goth people to date not goth people?

Sure-opposites attract.

Is Evanescence a Goth?

No, even though they're thought of like that by many people.

Are goth people ticklish?

i think they are they are people like us. there ticklish where were ticklish so yes they are ticklish.

Is it okay to be a goth?

it's okay to be goth Yes, of course it is. You are just expressing yourself, and being yourself. If people like you, they will accept that. it is best to be one's self. when you put on an act for others you will be eaten from the inside out.

Do girls like goth guys?

(new) yes they do but they do not always date goth girls they do not really have a preference like for example: im a goth girl and i dated a goth guy we broke up and he dated my punk friend that is kinda nerdy and likes anime so goth guys really date whoever they want not just goth girls.I am a goth and i like Emo girls sometimes,Guess a goth would date anyone but casual people and chav people~I'm scene and I'm dating a goth. When he first met me, he said he thought I was emo/punk and didn't find out I was scene until I told him. After he found out, he could care less. Labels generally don't matter to goths. Or at least not the goths I've met.* By the way, he HAS mentioned he thought I should turn goth because "goths are sexy" or something like that. So I'm sure goth guys like goth girls. Or at least some do.I am a goth girl... i dont understand the importance of this question. if he likes you, he likes you. if he doesent, he doesent.Although I agree with her^^^ I still think that's a yes. Goth guys do like goth girls. I mean, their guys. Can't they like who their like?

Why do people stereotype about goths?

People stereotype about goths because they may not understand or relate to their alternative fashion, music taste, and lifestyle choices. Stereotyping can also be a result of misinformation or preconceived notions about goth subculture being associated with negativity or rebellion. It's important to remember that stereotypes are not always accurate representations of individuals within a particular group.

Can a black people be goth?

yes AFRICAN AMERICANS can be goth and anything they want to be

What kind of music do goth people like?

Gothic music