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Yes , definitely they do get tickets for their friends and family . but, they need to go from the security check as well .

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Q: Do Olympic athletes get free tickets for their families?
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How much do 2013 Olympic tickets cost?

Tickets to the 2013 Olympics?Those will be absolutely free.

Why are so many Olympic athletes wearing the neon green-yellow shoes?

They were a free gift from Nike.

What perks do American Olympic athletes receive for free?

The perks an American Olympic athlete receives include free travel, accommodations, and clothing. The other perk is the fame and recognition one receives from being on television.

Should athletes and there families travel free to the Olympics?

For the Athletes YES definetely if they are not, but for the families i say no because it will be like its must they should go so they won't persevere to go there, so if they pay they will do by all means necessary to go there. Again it will depend on the countries to give out vouchers or something.

How many athletes per country in Beijing 2008?

They allow up to 100 athletes per country in the Olympic games every four years. Each athlete must be free of drugs and alcohol before they are allowed to participate it the games.

Do college basketball athletes parents get into games free?

Yes. A student athlete in football gets four tickets to home and away games to give away to whomever they want.

Why you want to join airlines industry?

Many airline employees enjoy several perks such as: free travel for themselves and free or discounted travel for their families. one employee that I knew said he got 8 free airline tickets a year, and was able to get tickets for immediate family members for $ 10.00, inside the US

How do you win free justin bieber tickets?

z99 is giving away free tickets

Is there a free promtional code for tickets?

There are no promotional codes for movies that i have heard of. But there are surveys I have seen that can quallify you for movie tickets. There you can get free tickets.

Why are olympic runners wearing ugly yellow shoes?

Nike supply them free for the athletes. The yellow theme is a ploy by their clever marketing people. I guess it works cos it's brought your attention to them!

Where can one get free college basketball tickets?

The best place to get free college basketball tickets would be on the respective college's websites. Although it is unlikely that one will get free tickets to the more important games, the colleges will offer people free tickets for the games that don't sell out. StubHub is website dedicated to selling tickets to college basketball games with occasional free tickets being offered.

What is etiquette when free tickets to ball game are offered and person offering free tickets are going to ball game?

When someone offers you free tickets to a ball game they are asking you to attend and this means if you have two tickets you can bring whomever you like. Generally the tickets are seats close together so you and a friend would be sitting close to the person who gave you the free tickets.