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Q: Did the Phillies ever use orange as one of their colors?
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What are the colors of the flag of Ireland?

green, white, and orange The Irish flag is composed of three colors: green, white, and orange. The colors are arranged in three equal vertical stripes, in that order, from left to right.

Is mixing blue and orange called analogous?

No, analogous colors are slight variations in one color. Blue and orange are complementary colors.

Which colors are warm-colors?

Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow. These colors are often associated with feelings of energy, warmth, and positivity. They are typically found on one side of the color wheel, opposite cooler colors like blue and green.

What are the three secondary colors?

orange, green, purpleGreen, orange, and purple. People often mistake green as one of the primary colors.Green,Orange,Purplegreen, purple, and orange

Does orange match with brown?

orange is one of the colors to make brown kinda its a yes or no if u like orange and brown

Are octopuses orange?

They can be. That is one of the many colors they can make themselves.

What color with orange makes red?

You cannot make red from orange. Red is one of the constituent colors of orange, along with yellow.

What pms color is basketball orange?

According to NCAA specifications, basketball game balls are one of 3 PMS colors. The pantone colors are Orange 151, Red-Orange 173 or Brown 1535.

What are Memphis tigers colors?

Yes, there is a color called Clemson Orange. Clemson Orange is one of the official colors of Clemson University in South Carolina.

What is a tertiary colour and give an examples?

a tertiary color is made from one primary and one secondary color Primary colors red, yellow, blue Secondary colors orange, green, purple Tertiary colors red orange, yellow orange, blue green, blue violet, yellow green, etc

What are the rastafari colors?

the rastafari colors are yellow green black and red sometimes people count orange as one but...

Is lime purpley orange yellow a color?

No, "lime purpley orange yellow" is not a recognized color term. It seems to be a combination of different colors, but it is not a specific color itself. Each of the colors mentioned (lime, purple, orange, yellow) are distinct colors.