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Yes JP (Jape) the Big Bopper Richardson Jr. was born to Jiles Perry and Elsie Richardson in 1930 eldest of the three Rchardson boys, born in Sabine Pass Texas died 28 yrs later in a plane crash of a lite Bonanza 4 seater airplane from the Dwyer flying service in Clear Lake Iowa.His younger brothers Cecil Allen born 1935 died in 1989 buried in Texas also, and James Richardson. JP was stocky and husky built, but a Hansome man,who went to college at lamar University Texas.with a Jokey and Jovinal personality he was considered the crown prince of Clownship in his knack for writing funny but yet alluring songs and His music back in that day and time of the 1950s , with his wonderful songs that he wrote for example: Like" Chantilly Lace, Teenage Moon, the Purple People Eater and Little Red Riding Hood, or The Big Boppers Wedding." He was noted as the first person to have a Live video he did Chantilly lace, and Little Red Riding Hood and the Boppers Wedding and shot a video basically for those 3.*He also was DJ for years with KLRM in Texas Radio Station> He was drafted into the army in 1955 but returned home to his wife and young Daughter in 1957*YES!!!!!*The Big Bopper had gotten married To Adrienne Joy (*Teetsie* to her family and friends)Fryou Richardson in 1952 in march or april.** in Dec of that same year or the next 1953 they had a daughter Debra Joy Richardson who was a mere age 4 yrs old, when her Daddy the Big Bopper was killed, she Herself died in 2010. The Big Bopper and his Wife Teetsie was expecting their 2nd child (Jay Perry Richardson) in approx 2-3 months, they said The Big Bopper was always talking about his wife's pregnancy, he doted on his wife and young daughter Debra.When his unexpected death in the plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens and the Pilot Roger peterson took place on Feb 3,1959. in Clear Lake Iowa. The Big Bopper AS HE was known professionally or Jape to his friends and family or Jp Richardson-was thrown out of the plane 40 feet approx and landed on the other side of the fence from the wreckage in the Oscar Moffett Farm field. His clothes were blown off all except for his pants, by the force of the plane crash his shoes and socks were blown off and in the wreckage photos of the plane crash it says he was found laying partially on his right side, in the photos he was face down in the snow, he was barefoot and his heel can be seen in the photos. * And the other two Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly were thrown 10-12 feet from the wreckage in the Albert and Hubert Juhl Corn Field, on their farm seperated by a fence between the Juhl Farm and the Moffett Farm. Ritchie valens lost part of his head and suffered injuries that made him almost unrecongnizable, as well as the injuries suffered to Buddy Holly as well. Roger Peterson the Pilot, who also was a young 21 yr old man who had just been married a year who wanted to be a pilot like his own Father was, was trapped dead in the wreckage.The Plane crash has been blamed on Pilot error , that Roger Peterson thought He was climbingand gaining in altitude but got confused either due to the incliment weather that day in freezing tempatures and light snow falling, or because he knew he had 3 famous rock n roll greats on this plane, he was piloting, or he didnt know how exactly to use these instruments on this plane he had not been trained in as of yet in such freezing cold tempatures and light snow. Instead of climbing in altitude he was going down at full speed in the corn field and the plane sumersaulted end over end and skidded 500 feet leaving a scar in the earth as it flipped end over end opening the fuselage and throwing the 3 singers to their deaths most likely the impact had already killed all 3 of them. No matter what it was one of the most hardest, sadest, and tragic deaths of such Hansome Young talented men just starting their families and lives and music. The Big Bopper was a mere 28 yrs old and Buddy Holly age 22, had a pregnant Wife at home Maria Elena Holly his wife of a mere 6 months or so Miscarried with their baby after she heard of the death of her Husband, and young aspiring Ritchie Valens age 17 a boy from Picourma CA.*Rodger Peterson the Pilot had a young wife at home waiting for him to arrive back so she could have their only car for her to drive to her Job in the Sherriffs office or a Office in Clear Lake Iowa, that morning when her Husband never come home , she caught a ride with a friend and they rode past the airport Dwyers flying service. There sit her Husband's car and she just knew it was something, he had not returned from the trip at midnight to take the three performers to North Dakota to get much needed sleep before the other perfomers arrived in the broken heated bus for the next gig in Fargo, North Dakota one of the legs of the trip for there Musical Gig to be in 23 citys or so in 23 days or so to play all these venues without a day off. The Bus the three famous musicians and their band were on broke down and the Heating system went out and The Big Bopper caught the flu and Ritchie Valens (Richard Steven Valenzuela), caught a severe cold and Buddy Holly who had no clean clothes left,wanted to do much needed laundry so he charted this plane earlier in the day from Dwyers flying service to fly him and the original other two Waylon Jennings and Tommy Alsup onto Fargo ND that night after the show was over at midnight. But earlier in the day The Big Bopper had ask Wylon Jennings for his seat on the plane so he could either go and get some medicine or see a Doctor before the next gig that next night and get much needed sleep in a warm bed, Waylon said ok go on get some medicine or see a Doctor before tommorow nights gig and get some rest. **And Ritchie Valens had begged and pleaded all night with Tommy Alsup for his seat on the plane, because Ritchie was really ill sick with this severe cold he developed due to lack of heat on the bus when it had broke down a night or two before on the side of the road with Freezing tempatures that fell into the minus teens or twentys coming from the show they performed in Wisconsin. On a coin toss by Tommy Alsup, Ritchie called it Heads, Tommy tossed the coin in the air and Heads it was Ritchie won his seat to eternity in the great eternal sky of Destiny in the land of Forever in Eternity.***** The trip should have took 3 hours there and 3 hours back for Roger Peterson but his Wife realized her Husband was not back from North Dakota or did he ever arrive. His badley Broken and Battered body lay dead in the wreckage of the plane some mere 5-8 miles from where the plane took off off from Dwyers Air Service*in a corn field belonging to Albert and his son Hubert Juhl .***(....The Big Bopper's son": who has become a friend of a friend of mine who is also on my friend's facebook page, came to be, Jay Perry Richardson's Life began when he was born 2-3 months after his Father's death and he was raised by his Mother Adrienne Joy (Teetsie) Fryou Richardson from Louisana. In Texas Beaumont. His mother eventually Re married Andrew Wenner and had 3 more children a daughter Denise Wenner and two sons Jerry and Joseph Wenner. Adrienne was called *Teetsie* all her life and even The Big Bopper called her this, because her dad said she was no bigger than a teetsie fly". Teetsie Richardson wenner died in 2004, and she was laid to rest next to her first Husband JILES PERRY RICHARDSON (JP) JAPE to his friends and family. and The Big Bopper to all the teens and young adults in America. in 1996 JAY PERRY RICHArdson the son of the Big Bopper began to tour in his own music singing :Chantilly lace,. and doing his own thing in the music world touring with John Muellers winter dance party. John is a Buddy Holly Look alike. and JAY Perry: who is a married man to his wife Patty with three children and a Grandbaby on the way lives in Katy Texas. And he bares a Uncanny resemblance to his famous dad he too has a stocky husky build. And he has a similar voice. in 2007 the State of Texas wanted to move The Big Bopper and exhume his coffin after 48 yrs to move him to another section of the cemetery. so the State could put a Monument or a Marker showing who he was, but where he was buried in the horizontall section of the memorial cemetery where he is buried in Beaumont Texas. It was not allowed in the cemetery to have markers in the Horizontal flat tombstone to the ground Section of the Memorial cemetery. So his body and coffin was Exhumed and Jay Perry thought while his Dad's body was above ground for 1 day that they should open his coffin and Xray his bones to quill the rumors that JP The Big Bopper had been shot and crawled for help in the plane crash due to the fact a few months after the crash Albert Juhl cleaning up parts of the plane still left in his corn field when the spring thaw came he wanted to plant his crops and he found a gun belonging to Buddy Holly that Buddy carried with him, the gun had been fired once, it was later learned that supposidly Albert Juhl fired it himself but because The Big Bopper's body lay some 40 feet from the wreckage in another field to where Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly lay the rumors were he possibly was shot on the plane and when a argument insued on the plan the pilot was shot, Those rumors were shot down when the X ray was done. When the coffin was opened he was almost fully in tact., except for some blueing of the face. and his hands and fingers and hardened and become talon like. the rest of him was just JP Richardson laying there in the coffin. Jay Perry his son he never got to see in life , got to stand at the open casket and spend time and meet the Dad he never got to meet in person and talk silently with his Dad. He got to expierence for a brief moment the joy of being with his dad, just JP not the Big Bopper as he was in Life. ( Teetsie Richardson had remarried and never sat a picture out in her home of her deceased former Husband or rarely talked at all about him to their little son born after his death in the plane crash. He got to see his Dad for the first time in person in his life time,and Jay perry's children got to be the pallbearers at their grandpa's funeral and to see him also, above ground. It was found he had not been shot,neither did walk or crawl away from the plane crash, he actually had died almost instantanously from all the breaks he had in his body, he had well over 200 broken bones every major bone was broken in his body, he had a broke neck,vertabrae and compund fractures to both legs a caved in chest and a broken foot, a broken pelvis and many skull fractures. His neck was broken like a hangman fracture like a sudden jerk and break of the neck. He had over 200 breaks from head to toe. He was reburied in a new coffin presented at no charge by Batesville Casket Co. And he was reburied in a section that allowed a monument or something to stand showing who he was. His wife teetsie had been also exhumed but her coffin was not opened, she was moved the day before to take her place in the new section of the cemetery in Beaumont Texas next to her former Husband JP Jiles Perry Richardson Jr . Jay Perry Richardson the son continues on with his music saying he is not copying his dad just honoring and giving tribute to him and his life and music and stardom. RIP Hansome Clown prince of Music. God Bless your Soul and Buddy and Ritchie and Roger. forever Young. The day the Music Died/ Feb 3,1959.

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Q: Did the Big Bopper Richardson ever get married?
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What nicknames did The Big Bopper go by?

Richardson had seen the college students doing a dance called The Bop, and he decided to call himself "The Big Bopper"

Who was not on the plane with buddy and ritchie?

The Big Bopper, J.P. Richardson.

What is the stage name of j p richardson?

Big Bopper

Who was in plane chrash with buddy?

Richie Valens The Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson)

Who was on tour with Buddy Holly when he died?

The Big Bopper (Jape "JP" Richardson) and Ritchie Valens.

What was JP Richerson's nickname?

J. P. Richardson gained fame in the late 1950s as a singer-songwriter. He was known as The Big Bopper. Richardson died in a plane crash in 1959.

Who died in the plane crash with buddy holly?

His bandmates were supposed to fly with him (Holly chartered an airplane because he was tired of riding in a bus, whose heater kept breaking down), but the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens persuaded them to give up their seats. NO to the above. J.P. Richarson (The Big Bopper) was ill and was Buddy's first choice to go with him. The other person was supposed to be Tommy Allsup (Buddy's band member and friend) but at the last moment flipped a coin with Ritchie who "won" the seat. (The movie shows the coin toss between Waylon Jennings and Ritchie)

Was there anyone else in big boppers band besides Buddy Holly and ritchie valens?

'The Big Bopper' (wasn't a band) was Jiles P Richardson Jr. He was a dj, singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was killed in the plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. JP Richardson had watched college students doing a dance called 'The Bop', and nicknamed himself 'The Big Bopper'.

Who died in the plane crash in the 1950's?

Buddy Holly 22 Ritchie Valens 17 Jiles Perry Richardson Jr (Big Bopper) 29

When was The Big Bopper born?

The Big Bopper was born on October 24, 1930, in Sabine Pass, Texas, USA.

Who died with ritchie valens?

Ritchie Valens died in a tragic plane crash on February 3rd, 1959. It is known as "the day the music died," and fellow musicians Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper were also in the plane at the time.

Who died with buddy hollie?

Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper and pilot roger peterson