Did monta Ellis go to college?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Monta Ellis did not go to college. Although he did commit to Mississippi State, he just didn't attend the school.

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Q: Did monta Ellis go to college?
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Does Monta Ellis have a son?

no is your mom yes he does... MONTA ELLIS JR.

What position does Monta Ellis play?

Monta Ellis plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

When was Monta Ellis born?

Monta Ellis was born on October 26, 1985.

How old is Monta Ellis?

Monta Ellis is 25 years old (birthdate: October 26, 1985).

What is Monta Ellis's number on the Dallas Mavericks?

Monta Ellis is number 11 on the Dallas Mavericks.

Who is juanika Ellis?

Monta Ellis's wife

How long did Monta Ellis go to school?

He came out of high school.

How much money does Monta Ellis make?

NBA player Monta Ellis made $8000000 in the 2013-2014 season.

Should i pick up Gilbert Arenas or Monta Ellis for my fantasy basketball team?

Monta Ellis because of the injury history of Arenas.

Is monta Ellis married?

Yes and has a son

Who is better monta Ellis or Russell westbrook?

Monta Ellis he is so underated if you watch him you will just be amazed hes better than russell at jump shooting quicker and just so more explosive dont get me wrong russell good but not better then monta ellis Man Monta is even better than derrick Rose

How many siblings did Monta Ellis have?

Monta has one brother,named Antwain Ellis. Antwin was also extremely talented at basketball but lost all intrest when his close friend and teammate was killed.