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yes, he went to TCU for his grad. and was #5 when he played football.

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Q: Did ladanian tomlinson graduate from tcu?
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Why did LaDanian Tomlinson start playing?

he got drafted from tcu

When was ladanian tomlinson born?

ladanian tomlinson was born on June 23, 1979

What college did Ladanian Tomlinson play for?

Ladanian Tomlinson played for Texas Christian University

When is ladanian tomlinson's birthday?

ladanian tomlinson was born on June 23, 1979

Who is one of the RB's that ran for the most TD's in WAC history?

in Ladanian Tomlinson's career as an NCAA player at TCU (WAC conference) he and many others ran for 50 TD's Ladanian also has the record for most TD's in an NFL season with 31

What high school did ladanian tomlinson attend?

LaDanian Tomlinson graduated from University High School in Waco, Texas.

Ladanian tomlinson's home address?

* * * *

Where was Ladanian Tomlinson born?


Who does Ladanian Tomlinson play for?

The Chargers

What are ladanian tomlinson's parents names?

LaDainian's father is Oliver Tomlinson

Why did the chargers release ladanian tomlinson?

to old

Where did ladanian tomlison play his college ball?

LT played football for TCU.