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Q: Did chase ellison really kiss george webster in mysterious skin?
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When are the auditions for the Mysterious Benedict Society?

The Mysterious Benedict Society is fictional. It doesn't really exist.

Why girls are so mysterious?

Girls like to mess with boy's minds... but girls aren't really that mysterious.. ;]

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It is really quite simple, say if you was writing a story and they discover something weird one of them could South's is really mysterious"and its so simple have a try

Would chase ellison date a 14 year old?

possibly, but not likely, he is 16, but if he really liked you then it might happen

Does the mysterious island really exist?

well i think that it does although its not scientifically proven it really gives us something to think about?

Have the movie rights to The Mysterious Benedict Society been sold?

Not yet but i really hope they do...

What is the motto of George Weston Foods?

George Weston Foods's motto is 'Really, Really Good Food'.

In wedding singer what was the song george performed?

the song was 'do you really want to hurt me'

Is Stonehenge a mysterious place?

It is in the sense that its construction and use are still mysteries. No one really knows who built it, or why, or how.

What was the episode when miroku had a clone but was really pachi?

Episode 93, "The Mysterious Pervert Monk Who Comes and Goes"

Who is the person dressed in black on Pretty Little Liars?

The person dressesd in black is Jenna.She is really mysterious.

Do girls like dark and mysterious boys?

no, its not always creepy, depends in what way you are mysterious. I personaly like a guy that I have to wonder what he's thinking of... It could get really tempting.