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Yes His Senior Year with oak hill academy

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Q: Did carmelo Anthony win a high school national championship?
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Carmelo Anthony led what school to a national championship in 2003?


Where did Carmelo Anthony go to school?

he went to Towson Catholic in Maryland

Facts about carmelo Anthony?

Carmelo Anthony plays basketball in the NBA. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and went to school at Syracuse University. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in 2003.

Was Carmelo Anthony given detention in grade school for changing his name?


What NBA player was not drafted out of high school?

Carmelo Anthony

What elementary school did carmelo Anthony attend?

h went to mt royal

Did Carmelo Anthony go to college?

to be a nba player and syracuse

What middle school did carmelo Anthony attend?

Mt. Royal Elementary / Middle School in Baltimore,MD

When was National High School Mock Trial Championship created?

National High School Mock Trial Championship was created in 1984.

Did Marc Anthony go to high school?

He went to Chandler high school and attended the University of California, Berkeley.

Who is better lebron James or carmelo Anthony?

LeBron James, no exceptions. LeBron has been called the next Michael Jordan since he was 17 years old, only a junior in high school. Dude Carmelo Anthony is the best man LeBron James stinks

Did Carmelo Anthony in St. Louis Mo before?

Yes as a young child he practiced in Clinton Peabody elementary school yardin ST , Louis Mo,