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Yes, Antonio Gates did graduate from Kent State University. He did so in 2003. At Kent he was a standout on the mens Basketball team that went to the Elite Eight during the NCAA Tournament. After graduating he worked out for 19 different NFL teams after being told he wasn't cut out for the NBA. The San Diego Chargers signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2003 and most recently he signed a 5 year $36 million contract.

Most impressive is that Gates hadn't played organized football since high school when he was signed by the Chargers...

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Q: Did antonio gates graduate from kent state?
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What college did NFL player Antonio Gates play for?

Antonio played basketball at Kent State University in Ohio.

What college did Antonio Gates attend?

Antonio Gates attended Kent State University

Where did antonio gates go to college?

Kent State University

Are there any professional football players from Kent?

As in Kent State, the third largest university in Ohio and the largest residential university in northeast Ohio....? Here are the NFL players of note: Josh Cribbs Antonio Gates James Harrison Jack Lambert

How was Antonio gates undrafted?

Gates did not play college football. He was a basketball player, a power forward, at Eastern Michigan and Kent State. After NBA scouts told him that, at 6' 4'', he was too small to play forward in the NBA he worked out for NFL scouts and was signed by the Chargers.

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What sport did Charger Antonio Gates play in high school and almost become a professional in?

Antonio Gates was a well known high school basketball and football star at Detroit Central High. In college, he did not play football, sticking with basketball in college. He transferred several times, finally ending up at Kent State, leading them to the elite eight in 2002. He was then signed as an undrafted free agent in the NFL by the San Diego Chargers in 2003.

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