Did Mike Knox go out with Melina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes he did go out with her so there you go happy

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Q: Did Mike Knox go out with Melina?
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Did Kelly Kelly go out with Mike Knox?

No. It was scripted on the show.

When was Mike Knox born?

Mike Knox was born on 1978-07-17.

What happened to Mike Knox?

mike knox got released April 22

Wwe who does kellykelly go out with?

Used to be Mike Knox but now I don't know.

Where is WWE mike knox?

mike knox has not made an apperance in a long time because of a neck injury.

Is mike knox dead?


Is Mike Knox Festus?


How old is Mike Knox?

Mike Hettinga (aka Mike Knox, aka Knux) is 38 years old (born July 17, 1978).

How Tall Is Mike Knox?

He is 6'6".

What is the WWE wrestler who's first name is mike?

Mike Knox

Jim Duggan or Mike Knoxx?

that's easy mike knox {the guy is a monster}

What nicknames does Melina Pires go by?

Melina Pires goes by Mel.