Did Karen Kain ever get married?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she got married once, to a guy named Ross Petty, in 1983. She dated Lee Majors in 1979 and split after two years. Karen also spend eight years with Frank Augustyn.

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Q: Did Karen Kain ever get married?
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What is Karen Kain's birthday?

Karen Kain was born on March 28, 1951.

When was Karen Kain born?

Karen Kain was born on March 28, 1951.

Did Karen kain do any other types of dance?

sohie kain of mount gambier has a mum named Karen kain....

Is Karen Kain still alive?

It is believed that Karen Kain is alive. As of May 28th 2012

When did Karen Kain become famous?

Karen Kain was born in hamilton Ontario on march 28 1951.

Is Karen kain an only child?

Karen Kain has 3 siblings of which one is Kevin Kain, a well-known medical expert. She is the oldest of the four.

When did Karen kain retire?

Karen Kain is 60 years old (birthdate: March 28, 1951).

What does Karen Kain do now as a living?

Karen Kain is currently the Artistic Director at the National Ballet of Canada, she has been in this position since 2005.

Who is Karen Kain dad?

charles alexandre

Who are Karen Kain's siblings?

karen kain was an only child out of all her photos she ia never with any other children so therefore she is an only chils

What Is The Name Of One Famous Ballerina?

Karen Kain Evalyn Hart

Is Karen kain alive?

yes, she is the artistic director of the national ballet