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One Pair of Hands, written by Billie Campbell and Mann Curtis! Elvis never sang this song!

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Elvis DID sing that song. I just listened to him sing it. 

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Q: Did Carroll roberson write the song One Pair Of Hands?
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When was the song 'one pair of hands' written?

The song One Pair of Hands was written by Barbarita (Billie) Campbell and Mann Curtis in the 1960's. Prominent recordings have been by Glen Campbell and Carroll Roberson. Roberson's version has often been erroneously attributed to Elvis Presley. Presley NEVER recorded One Pair of Hands.

Did Elvis sing one pair of hands?

No, not Elvis....sounds like him at first. But after awhile your realize it is someone else. It is sung by Carroll Roberson, from his CD, 'Gospel Favorites'.

Did Elvis ever write or record One Pair of Hands?

Yes, he did. It is considered to be a "lost song" of his.

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What year was One Pair of Hands written?

I'm just guessing, I think in the 1960's The songwriter was born in July 1955. That would have made him 15 in 1970. Mr. Roberson didn't surrender his life to Christ until 1983. My guess would be after that time.

Who wrote One Pair of Hands?

The song was written by Billie Campbell (Glens wife at the time) and Mann Curtis Nov. 25th 1969, and recorded by Glen Campbell in 1970 - one verse and refrain, sung twice. Later Al Martino recorded it also, and Boy Mondragon also recorded it aroundt 1970/71... Then Carroll Roberson wanted to record the song in 2005. But he though it was too short, and wanted to us it in his ministeries, so he was allowed to add one extra verse to the song, the second one. Then he recorded this new version, and after some time, years, it began showing up in videos with pictures of Elvis, claiming it was Elvis singing... With a verse written 28 years after Elvis died... And people believed it... All versions with 2 verses is after 2005, and of course not Elvis!

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