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playing sports can teach many good characterstic, expecially to younger kids (not to young that they don't understand though). For example, being ona sports team teaches teamwork, reliability, devotion, responsibitly, and goals.

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Q: Character development through sports
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What is an example of character development?

For sports, character development is often quotes in the news for teams or players that faced difficult times. This could me a close game, or playing without a key player. Often character development is used as a positive spin for a loss. Example: "Though the game was predetermined by a lopsided matchup, the coach of the losing team thought it was an excellent opportunity for character development for his younger team. thanks for the answers to my problems. YAY!YAY! LLEW! EVERY BODY COME TO THIS SITE!

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Sports are a good form of exercise, build team work, enhance dexterity (hand / eye co-ordination) and help character development with respect to winning/loosing.Then there are spectators that take pleasure from watching the sports. Merchandising, sponsorship etc. etc. etc.

Does sports reveal character?

It depens on who you are.

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your mother

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All sports are important particularly because teams build character and without character sports would not be fun.

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Team sports are better because they develope good character.

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3 What role does Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory and Vygotsky's Social Constructivist Approach play in understanding cognitive development in early middle and late childhood?

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It builds character