Carbohydrates consist of

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  1. sugars
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Q: Carbohydrates consist of
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Why does an astronaut's diet consist mainly of carbohydrates?

The astronaut´s diet does not consist of carbohydrates - the main idea of the diet is to avoid carbohydrates. It consists mainly protein. The idea of avoiding carbohydrates is that if organism doesn´t get carbohydrates then it starts using fat - both: the one we get with food and the one we have in our bodies. So, astronaut´s diet does not consist of carbohydrates!

Do carbohydrates consist of carbon hydrogen and oxygen?


The polysaccharides are known as carbohydrates?

Yes polysaccharides are carbohydrates. These are complex carbohydrates as they consist of long (sometimes) branched sturctures. Examples of polysaccharides are starch, cellulose and glycogen.

Is hydrogen found in carbohydrates?

Yes, all carbohydrates are molecules that consist of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

What the carbohydrates?

A carbohydrates is a organic compound that consist only of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen.This term is most common in case of biochemistry,where it is known as saccharids.The carbohydrates are divided in tomonosaccaharidesdisaccharidesoligosaccharidespolusaccharides

What deficiency can one develop if you follow a diet that consist of carbohydrates only?


Is honey a protein?

yesHoney consist of mainly carbohydrates. Main carbohydrate in honey is fructose

A well-balanced diet should consist of percent carbs?

Carbohydrates are non-essential and therefore the diet shouldn't consist of any specific amount.

Are carbon hydrogen and oxygen carbohydrates?

No. On their own they are elements. Carbohydrates do consist of carbon hydrogen and oxygen, but these elements can combine to make other compounds as well.

What chemical are found in carbohydrates usually in the ratio 121?

Carbohydrates consist of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, usually in a ratio of 1:2:1 as: (C1H2O1)n

Definition of dietary carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are basically molecules that consist of sugar molecules as building blocks. These include sugars, starches, glycogen, cellulose, pectin, chitin, waxes.

All carbohydrates are made up of what?

Consist of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen atoms, normally with a hydrogen: oxygen atom ratio of 2 to 1. Carbohydrates are technically hydrates of carbon.