Can you wear drag suit alone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no that is not ok definally wear a shirt with it.

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Q: Can you wear drag suit alone?
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How do you wear the ghost costume in spineworld?

click on your charcter and click on your inventory and drag your ghost suit to the shirt icon and the ghost suit should pop up and then click on the ghost suit and wear it!

Do you have to be naked in a sauna?

No you wear a bathing suit unless you're alone, then go naked.

How can water polo reduce drag?

wear a cap so your hair doesnt weigh you down shave all your hair (arms and legs and anything not covered by the suit) so you become more aerodynamic wear a really tight suit

What could you wear under your new swimming jammers to prevent your member from being seen and would do need to?

Lol this question makes me laugh! If you are talking about a swim meet, absolutely DO NOT wear anything under you jammers as it will create unnecessary drag. If this is not your biggest meet of the season and you are 100% NOT tapered for it, that would be a question to bring up with your coach! If this is just practice you're talking about, most male swimmers will either wear speedos and a drag suit or jammers with a drag suit. Drag suits are the mesh short type things. Sorry I don't have a better description of them!

How can drag be reduced while walking?

Drag is caused when there's resistance.... you vs. the wind. To reduce drag, wear tight clothing. Ever noticed how swimmers wear the tightest swimsuits they can, and put their hair in a cap? It's to keep the water from catching on their suit or hair. That's drag. The same is true for walking, running, or biking (although you'd look pretty foolish walking around in a swimsuit, of course!)

When was All in the Suit That You Wear created?

All in the Suit That You Wear was created in 2003.

What do oceanographer wear?

wear suit

Why do girls on swim teams wear 2 swimsuits?

they wear 2 swim suits because it slows them down in practice. the 1st suit is a normal fitted suit and the 2nd suit is a baggy loose suit called a drag suit. the drag suit creates drag while you are swimming, if you get used to swimming like this then in competition you will be able to go faster because you wont have the extra weight and drag of the 2nd suit.

What does mariachi wear?

The traditional mariachi band would wear a charro suit or a Mexican cowboy suit.

Name the suit which you cannot wear?

A suit of cards _________________________ or a law suit...

What are the suit they wear in swimming olympic?

A swim suit!

How can you wear the chameleon suit everywhere in poptropica?

You can only wear the chameleon suit on Spy Island.