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No. You can wear it inside the shoe, but not outside of the shoe

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Q: Can you wear an ankle brace with under armour highlight cleats?
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What is an ankle brace?

a brace worn to strengthen the ankle

Where can I purchase a fancy ankle brace for my right ankle?

If a person has fractured there ankle, they can purchase an ankle brace. They can obtain the ankle brace from Walgreens. is another way that an ankle brace can be gotten without even leaving the house.

What kind of ankle brace does Derrick Rose wear?

He wears the Adidas speed wrap ankle brace available in September 09

How much do derrick rose ankle brace cost?

The best ankle brace is the Zoom Ankle. It has this cool soft shell technology that is really comfortable and supportive.

Is a prescription required for an ankle brace?

Yes, you need a prescription for an ankle brace. your doctor would need to prescribe an ankle brace, and usually will order one for you. You can order one for yourself online, but those can range in prices, and it would be easier to let insurance cover the brace prescribed.

What is the best ankle brace to where with normal shoes?

Airsport by Aircast is a good brace to wear for ankle injuries. It is slightly bulky but will fit inside most running shoes, and is very supportive of the ankle.

How would one go about getting the correct size of an ASO Ankle Brace?

Sport Tek offers a sizing guide for the ASO Ankle Brace. It offers a sizing guide for men and women, and allows you to select your shoe size and width of your foot, when selecting the appropriate ankle brace to purchase.

What is the best ankle brace available in India fos ankle ligament injury?

protect.ankle laceup from the house of Pushpanjali medi India Pvt.Ltd. Offers a uniqe ankle brace with medial & lateral stabilization shell for ankle ligament injury, instability and after sprains

What ankle braces does javier arenas wear?

McDavid Ultralight Ankle Brace with Figure 8 Strap.

Does an ankle brace also help the foot too?


Why might ankle braces be needed?

An ankle brace may be needed if one has a leg injury from a sports activity, or if a joint is loose or detached completely. As well, an ankle brace can be needed if one breaks a bone in the lower or upper foot.

Why do you need a ankle brace in volleyball?

Yes and no. I have known many girls who have still injured their ankles playing while wearing braces. However that could possibly be because of the brand or quality. I personally don't wear them.